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Kolimbithres Beach

Kolimbithres Beach

6,9 km from the hotel

The most distinctive and peculiar beach of Paros, which captivates all visitors from the very first moment they get there with its wild beauty and distinct identity.

The trademark of this beach is the granite rocks that surround it, which due to the disintegration have taken various shapes and created some natural cavities that resemble swimming pools.

You will find many kinds of swimming pools, others can accommodate two to three people, while others can accommodate sunbeds with umbrellas.

The crystal clear waters of the beach, combined with the shadows of the rocks that mirror the sea, give all the shades of blue and make up the perfect scenery for a comfortable and pleasant swim in sea.

It is not a single beach but many sandy beaches that are ready to meet the tastes and needs of everyone. Sea water in some places is permanently in recesses and cavities of the rocks creating special spas, which will impress you.

The peace and calm prevailing on this beach offer the perfect atmosphere for your holidays.

If you choose to swim at Kolimbithres Beach, you should know that it is located in the western part of the bay of Naoussa and your access to the beach can be done either by boat from Naoussa or by car using your own means of transport. The beach itself is an attraction!

Livadia Beach

Livadia Beach

12,3 km from the hotel

It is the most popular and crowded beach of Paros, on the north side of Parikia.

Its size is large, so it is divided into many segments where each visitor can find his favorite.

Some parts of the beach are isolated and others are fully organized, offering the perfect location for your swimming on the island.

The water sports lovers should definitely visit it, as it has a great variety of water sports.

This is the beach that every year attracts a large number of people and has all the facilities to leave no one complaining.

Access is very easy either by walking there or by using a regular scheduled bus.

Monastery Beach

Monastery Beach

8,9 km from the hotel

The beautiful beach of Monastery, just two kilometers away from Kolimbithres beach, is located in the west of the bay of Naoussa.

Its main characteristic is that its coast is trapped between rocks and offers a unique view to all its visitors.

The close embrace of the surrounding hills defines a hospitable beach that offers a constant shade.

Its blue waters and golden sand will leave you speechless. The natural beauty of this beach is distinguished in every corner of it.

You can access this beach either by your own means of transport or by a boat, which you can get from Naoussa.

Piperi Beach

Piperi Beach

4 km from the hotel

Piperi beach is located in Naousa and is the favorite beach of the locals.

Punda Beach

Punda Beach

13,9 km from the hotel

If you are wondering where the heart of the island beats, then the answer is one: on the southeastern side of Paros and specifically at Punda Beach!

There, the fun never stops, while many visitors characterize this beach as the temple of pleasure.

The beach is preferred by many holidaymakers, who want to spend moments of entertainment and pleasure along with the breeze of Paros. Access to Punta beach is quite easy, because there are continues bus routes to it. Prefer this beach and you will not regret it.

Santa Maria Beach

Santa Maria Beach

2,1 km from the hotel

Santa Maria beach is located on the northeastern coast of the island of Paros, near the town of Naoussa and at a distance of about 15 kilometers from Parikia, the capital of the island.

It is one of the most popular beaches on the island, including many separate beaches and is located in a bay protected by the northern winds.

The main beach is known as Santa Maria Surfing Beach and a little further, following the main road, there is a smaller and equally beautifully beach, known as Little Santa.

It has a wonderful golden sandy beach that is suitable for both small swimmers and adults. The waters are crystal clear and offer a blue sea bottom that will truly enchant you.

Access is easy from Parikia with your personal or rented car.

You can also reach the beach with one of the traditional boats, departing from Naoussa.

Xrisi Akti Beach

Xrisi Akti Beach

16,2 km from the hotel

Xrisi Akti Beach is the largest and most beautiful beach of Paros for many visitors.

Xrisi Akti Beach is famous for its huge, sandy beach, ideal for its wind surfing streams and its crystal clear, shallow waters.

Xrisi Akti Beach is well organized with restaurants and bars all around the sandy beach behind the trees and umbrellas and sunbeds along its entire length.

The huge sandy beach of Xrisi Akti is ideal for water and beach games, while children will enjoy playing in the shallow waters.