What you can do in Paros


Paros, the island of action. The ideal place to develop your sporting activities.

We have the right climate, infrastructures, facilities and the most appropriate people to inspire you!

So go ahead, action is waiting for you!

Kite Surfing

Kite Surfing

The paradise of kite surfers is located between Paros and Antiparos, on the beach of Punda. This western beach of Paros has won the kite surfers' preference because of the favorable winds in the area.

Here takes place the Kitesurfing World Championship. The sky is filled with colorful kites. Kite surfers from all over the world gather and show off their racing skills. It is an impressive sight as athletes with difficult figures swirl between the sea and air with the help of the wind!

Professionals can introduce you to the magic of kitesurf with courses for all levels of knowledge, with certified (IKO & VDWS) instructors. Indulge in unique kite trips in the unique passage of Paros - Antiparos.



Paros. Island of winds, sea currents and all-around water sports enthusiasts. For years now, it is one of the most famous windsurfing destinations in the world!

The sea passes between Paros-Naxos and Paros-Antiparos make this island the No. 1 destination.

At the hospitable, sandy beaches one is the main goal! The winds must blow strong enough and the waters challenge you to get in the sea!

Summer winds are welcomed by sports enthusiasts. Until recently the world championship of windsurfing was hosted at the New Xrisi Akti Beach (Tsardakia).

Windsurf can also be done in Santa Maria, Xrisi Akti, Tsoukalia, Kolimbithres and Punda Beach.



Paros. A pole of attraction for sailors!

Sailing to the Greek islands belongs to another holiday category. Synonym of absolute freedom of movement and exploration of inaccessible beaches and the blue waters of the Aegean Sea.

Paros is a station in the Cyclades. With many mooring options, Paros is a pole of attraction for sailors.

With many small coves and small islets, it allows sailors to feel safe.

Water Skiing

Water Skiing

Water Skiing. Sports for bold and not.

The sport has several fans because it gives a sense of freedom and exercises without straining the body.

In Paros there is a school for water skiing in Kolimbithres Beach with many years of experience in this sport. It is also suitable for children.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

The magic of the sea bottom unfolds around Paros. Many schools are ready to guide you to a magnificent scenery! Small trips and educational experiences designed to make you adore the greatness of nature! Impressive caves, unique shipwrecks, a vibrant, wonderful world awaits you to discover it under the guidance of professional instructors, safely and seriously.

The main destinations for scuba diving adventures are the reefs of Prasonisi, Dryonisi and Pyrgaki Bay. Still, the canyon at Macronisi's End and the shipwrecks of the Beaufighter and the Marianna cargo ship. Discover another life under the sea!

The sea bottom is full of surprises, as in the cave of Panteronisi a great underwater cave with stalactites awaits you, where you can take off your mask and admire the greatness of nature. The reef of Trypiti also ends in a cave. Wonderful places where another life unfolds, impressive, peacefull and wonderful. Fishflies, octopuses, small fish, sponges and anemones. Magic images in the deep silence of the sea.