Top 5 Beaches in Paros

Top 5 Beaches in Paros

When visiting anywhere in Greece you can be sure to be met with some of the most visually stunning beaches in the world. But on Paros, your expectations will be exceeded. Usually encapsulated into a perfect bay, these beaches are warm, still, crystal clear and normally quite shallow – making them perfect for the entire family.

We’ve pulled together a list of the 5 top beaches all fairly close to Naousa or Parikia (as two of the main towns on the island), so you should be able to visit most (or all) of them during your visit. Each beach has individual characteristics which is what allows it to qualify for our exclusive list; whether that is the natural beauty it exudes, the fun activities that are on offer there, or if it’s got facilities that outrank the other locations on the island.

Check out the top 5 beaches on this beautiful Greek island:

1) Kolymbithres

Only a 10 minute drive from Naousa, Kolymbithres is known as Paros’ most renowned beach. What makes this different from your typical beach landscape? While you can expect the same blue crystal clear sea that surrounds the entire island, you will see something more unusual here. The granite rock formations create an unusual photo opportunity and also makes the water below the surface perfect for snorkelling.


2) Monastiri

Take a drive another ten minutes up the coast and you will enter onto the most northern point of the island, almost on a peninsula. Here you will find the Monastiri beach and Natural Park. Perfect for a relaxed day out, you can enjoy the beach and the rest of the park all in one day. Known as Paros’ only natural park of its kind, the green water is trapped in the bay like an emerald, creating a stunningly, beautiful and romantic setting where you can take in all that nature has to offer.

 In the peak seasons you are also able to catch outdoor shows, cinema events, festivals and concerts as the sun sets and the stars come out, creating one of the island’s most memorable attractions.


3) Santa Maria

Drive 10 minutes from Naousa in the opposite direction to Monastiri and Kolymbithres and you will arrive at the beach called Santa Maria. This is a more ‘happening’ beach – it is the exciting array of facilities and activities on offer here that draw attraction to Santa Maria, rather than the natural beauty on show at the previous two beaches.

Perfect for young people who want to get their next adrenaline hit, you can come to this beach for water sports including water-skiing and wind surfing. Those with a more adventurous streak may also check out the local scuba diving facilities. Come evening, there’s no need to leave as the beach bars and restaurants open so you can drink cocktails long after the sun has set.


4) Ambelas

Favoured by the locals, this quieter beach is in the village of Ambelas. Simply take a 10 minute drive south from Santa Maria or east from Naousa itself, and you will find yourself in a picturesque fishing village that escapes the tourists and gives you the perfect spot to recuperate. You will never have an issue finding some privacy and a nice spot to set up your umbrella for the day in Ambelas.

There are restaurants and taverna here, so it’s not a totally isolated spot. Head to one of the restaurants while you visit, as they all have access to some of the best locally sourced, fresh fish – so if you spend a day in Ambelas make sure you take a trip to one of the sea side restaurants.


5) Chrissi Akti

This beach is the furthest from the others on the list but it’s definitely worth a visit. Known as Golden Beach, this 700m stretch of beach has beautiful sands that are mixed with (safe) glass elements giving it that extra golden sparkle in the hot sun, making it one of the most picture perfect beaches on the island.

This spot is also famous and renowned by the windsurfing community. It is one of the most popular spots for this sport in the Mediterranean and even held the Windsurfing World Championship for many years. Now you can come here to watch the extremely talented individuals or take part yourself if you’re able. It’s not just about sport and adrenaline here either, because the sand and waters are perfect for a day out to the beach and the nearby taverna and beach bars make it easy to spend a few hours in the area and really enjoy the local area. With it being opposite the island and about a 30 minute drive from Parikia, enjoy spending time absorbing another side of the island.