Unmissable View Spots in Paros

Unmissable View Spots in Paros

When you go on holiday you want to get photos of you, your family or the landscapes – or all of it piled into one beautiful snapshot. It’s understandable, too. Photos are our way of preserving our memories and capturing the picturesque. In order to make sure you don’t miss a thing on your trip to Paros, we’ve compiled our top list of photo hotspots. Whether it’s for your next Facebook profile picture or a canvas on your living room wall, these spots on the gorgeous Greek island of Paros will leave you breathless.

  1. Agioi Anargyroi Monastery in Parikia

From the top of the hill, you get a stunning view of the town of Parikia, home to Paros’ main port and a beautiful, blue surrounding bay. This means you can get a gorgeous shot of the blue sky meeting the even bluer Aegean Sea during the day time – or you can wait until sunset and capture a beautiful view as the sun slowly meets the ocean. Paros sunsets are like no other and the colours you see will leave you breathless. If you time your excursions just right, you will not be disappointed.

  1. Monastiri Beach

This secluded beach is one of Paros’ best kept secrets. Not only is the bay beautiful but it is also protected from the wind, making it the perfect spot to sunbathe and soak up everything Paros has to offer. The crystal clear and family friendly waters, will have you happily dozing away. For a quick photo opportunity and spot of lunch you can follow one of the several tracks up the hill, leading to cosy cafes. These offer beautiful views over some of the beach and the untouched beauty of this Cyclades Island.

  1. Village of Lefkes

The whitewashed buildings in the village of Lefkes stand out almost as though they are painted straight onto the landscape. The narrow streets are home to beautiful buildings, with flowers and colour bouncing off the bright white walls. The village is surrounded by pine forests, with everything all being sculpted onto the mountainside, roughly 300m above sea level. This make Lefkes one of the most photographed towns, as well as a great spot to find stunning views from the mountains.

  1. Frankish Castle in Parikia

Built in 1260 AD by the Venetian Duke of Naxos, the Frankish Castle was originally put together using bricks and pieces of material from surrounding temples. Not only can you view the original castle ruins, an important piece of Parikia’s heritage, you can also find one of the best views in the whole of Parikia. Aim to get there just before sunset and you will be met with a symphony of colour in the sky.

  1. Agia Anna Church

Another hotspot for romantic sunset photographs is the small and ancient Agia Anna church. You may not be able to get to all the spots in Parikia to see the sunset, but this secluded and romantic spot is perfect for couples and to enjoy a reflective, peaceful moment. 

  1. Jesus of the Woods

Another religious spot about 5km from Parikia is the Monastery of Jesus of the Woods, also known as the Monastery of the Transfiguration of Christ. Not only is this whitewashed building stunning to look at, the views it offers over the coast are amazing and on clear days, the view of Antiparos is picture perfect. This spot is close to the Valley of Petaloudes (the Greek word for butterflies), and the home to the native Jersey Tiger Moth. That means you can practice your close up photography skills on these creepy crawlies too!

  1. Marpissa

Located 17km from Parikia and placed high on the hills of Paros, the village of Marpissa is the perfect spot for photographs. It’s a small village, with a byzantine style church at the top of the hill. There are museums and plenty of beautiful architectural pieces and monuments, with the houses there dating back to the 16th and 17th century. There’s plenty to admire on your way through the village, the monument of Stellas, windmills and tavernas. Eventually, you will meet with the Aegean sea once more. The key stop on your trip through Marpissa, is the summit of Kefalos (the name of the hill), where the monastery of Agios Antonios sits. As with most monasteries in Paros, you will find it comes with a stunning view.

  1. Upper Windmill, Parikia

Parikia is the home to most of our favourite view spots, due to the stunning panoramic views it offers over the coast and the fact the sun sets right before you. You will discover windmills all around the island of Paros, but the Upper Windmill in Parikia is known for its magnificent views, especially as the sun begins to set.